the Bishkek-formulation


   i = ((c – [v])/c)x    v<c,     i = interaction, influence      

      m is matter,   without  NN = m   it is possible to understand more.      x = 1, see later

  NN = m/i     ,,    NN = mass appearance     ,,    v =  velocity of matter, particles

       X = 1   à    i = 1 – [v]/c   = the (Bishkek) influence



The  Bishkek-formulation is for the Eleonorazone





--1--   introduction around the Bishkek-formulation and Eleonora-theory

--2--   the Bishkek formulation and Eleonora theory supplement Einstein

--3--  the Bishkek-formulation

--4--   the tangential and radial speed of everthing and in everything

--5--   the foam-like appearance of the cosmos

--6--  v   and   i

--7--   tangential, radial, internal and external speed and the big-bang appearance

--8--   the number of basic dimensions;  3 or 2 or 1  ???

--9--   productive use of extensive modeling with physics and mathematics :

--10--    the Eleonorazone, infinite „density“ and time

--11--   more about the Eleozone.

--12--          i = ((c – [v])/c)x      à   i = 1 – [v]/c     

--13--  the black holes recycle from the Newtonzone to the Eleonorazone

--14--  the “Bishkek-formula and Eleonorazone” confirm God

--15--  around the autor of the Bishkek-formulation and Eleonora-theory






--1-- introduction around the Bishkek-formulation and Eleonora-theory


The “Bishkek-formulation” is a simplified formulation, dating from Feb 22nd 2010, of the relativity and the universe. Though the autor has never been granted a PhD degree,  the autor supposes that it might be of some value for the science of didactics of theoretical (fundamental) physics and astrophysics and in this way indirectly for the science of theoretical (fundamental) physics and astrophysics. It might be an example of education with a simplified explanation that is a starter on the way to real science. It might introduce potential students to the understanding of the relativity and on the route towards the real science of theoretical astrophysics and relativity-physics. Do people start to learn speaking with the word mama or with the word


The Bishkek-formulation manages without complicated mathematics and is therefore easier to be understood than Einsteins field equations, on the theories of Lorentz, Poincare and others. The Bishkek-formulation could be understood by a larger number of people who are interested in the relativity and astrophysics. It could create a significantly wider embedded support in the society for these fields of science.


All the well-known observations fit in the simplified formulation of the relativity and the universe, the “Bishkek-formulation”. The recent observations that neutrino’s travel slightly faster than light-particles also fit in, though also neutrino’s should be slightly slower than c-absolute. The recent “Delft-observations” also fit in. The Bishkek-formulation includes the “gravitational” field as fundamental / basic and together with the observations it leads to the conclusion that the “velocity” of the “gravitational” field is  c-absolute. Up till today the presentation of the Bishkek-formulation includes the inspiring suggestion that there might be particles with a velocity higher than c-absolute. However, the Bishkek-formulation includes the explanation that this is impossible and that any particle, with all particles being clusters of rotating smaller particles, suffers an asymptotic occurrence of distortion related to the asymptotic increase of its velocity towards c-absolute. The Bishkek-formulation also includes the explanation for the “energy-emission” by “black-holes” along their rotational axis. The emission is elementary for the continuation of their accumulation and rotation, and their vectored gravitational influence as well as its variation along time e.g. gravitational waves. The conclusion might be that there exists no whatever static area, no whatever area without any kind of flux and gravitational waves, though it has to be admitted that “the action” and an interesting source of gravitational waves is where two black holes are slinging each other.


The Bishkek-formulation also includes, that the effects of the c-absolute “velocity” of “gravitational” fields include infinite space for philosophical discussions about an infinite number of parallel universes. The Bishkek-formulation makes it easier to understand that anything with a higher “velocity” than c-absolute, can’t be observed by us. It is more difficult to understand that an universe with a slower “velocity” of its “gravitational” field than c-absolute, can neither be observed by us. Alternate, it can be concluded that the universe with our c-absolute is the only one with an existence that we can observe. However, that would include the impossible implication that our universe consists with a discrete value, the discrete value c-absolute.            


Homing our thoughts in our universe, it might be concluded that the importance of the understanding of gravitational waves together with the relativity, is increasing with the increasing energy-density (-variations) of our technological developments. The understanding of the astronomical gravitational waves might support the understanding of the influences in the nanoworld. Not thermonuclear fusion is to be mentioned in particular in this regard but the physical downsizing of computing, storage and transmission of data as well as nanomechanics, the application of nanoparticulates and dna/rna (molecular storage of data), nano-optics, etc. It is easy to understand that the GP gravitational pulse of a neutrino could disturb some single switches of a quantum computer. However, gravitational waves exert influence and they can disturb everything, not only mass but also photons and electromagnetic waves, that on their turn directly or indirectly generate gravitational waves. The understanding of gravitational waves together with the understanding of the relativity is becoming elementary for the further proceedings in the understanding, managing and fine-tuning / optimizing in regard to the downsizing of all kind of processing. The research into gravitational waves and the relativity implies much more than research into abstract subjects and is essential for the possible leaps forward in the technology with very valuable practical applications.







--2-- the Bishkek formulation and Eleonora theory supplement Einstein


Do the Bishkek formulation and the Eleonora theory oppose “Einstein’s” theories etc. ?

They do not oppose them and very sure do not replace those of the greatest scientist Tesla.

Poincare and Lorentz “established bridges wide rivers”, as did Brunel in reality, together with many other scientist who have been inspired by them and each other.

The Bishkek-formulation and the Eleozone-“theory” would not be possible, without the preceedings.

They inspired many scientists, each to realize difficult scientific achievments that are much more difficult than the establishment of the Bishkek formulation and the Eleozone theory together. Lorentz established the basic formulations on the relativity theory that Poincare started. Einstein managed to mystify with the field equiations. Who is or are the slavonic women and men who (together with Einstein) developed the field equiations that have been tagged solely with the name Einstein? The field equations provoked many scientists to expand their math-knowledge. That supported them to proceed on physics.

The Bishkek formulation and the Eleozone theory are suppletions to the relativity and quantum theories like those are suppletions to Newton, Brunel, others and Tesla, the greatest scientist.







--3-- the Bishkek-formulation


   i = 1 – [v]/c    v<c    i = interaction, influence      

      m is matter,   without  NN = m   it is possible to understand more.    Probably  x = 1

  NN = m/i     ,,    NN = mass appearance     ,,    v =  velocity of matter, particles

      X = 1   à    i = 1 – [v]/c   = the (Bishkek) influence


  v = c    seems  impossible  because    v = a x t   and   a = i * ?   and   i = 0   if   v = c  

  Also   if   v = c    then   c - v = 0    if   v > c   then    c – v < 0    There is no relative distance 

  over that   i   can exert,  given   c   is the velocity of    i   

  Also if   v >=  c   it can not be observed by observer A


  It seems the velocity of   i   is   c     The bubble of   i   around matter acts with velocity   c

  Matter with   v > c   would escape the bubble of influence around observer  A 


  If    v>= c   then it escapes the bubble of  influence around A and also cont be observed in A


  It seems that velocity of    i    is    c     and    i    needs relative distance rather than time

    i    seems to need more time when    c – v    decreases   and time seems to slow down

  and   i   seems to  decrease  with    c – v      So there is a relativity among all with   i 


  An absolute speed of    v = c    is theoretical  because absolute   c   is an absolute number.

  An absolute number has zero hence infinite narrow bandwidth and so can not be equalized.


  Absolute    v > c    if existent, not for us because we can not observe.  

  If from our position  A  particle  B  with speed in direction 1  VB1 

  then   can ? (=no)  B   emit a particle   D   with a speed in direction 1 of   VD1

  so then possible     VB1 + VD1 > C    and    VB1 + VC1 + VF1 > C   etc.

  However  we can not observe   VD1 – A  > C   and   VF1 - A  > C   etc. 

  because then particles, radiation, emitted from  D  or  F  etc. will never reach us.


  model descriptions of influence    i    is possible also with    v > c

  v   of   i = c      So   i   between A and B needs more time and 

  i   seems weaker  when   VB  from A increases.

  If   (VD  from  A) > C   then the influence is indirect;  A influences B and B influences D.





--4-- the tangential and radial speed of everthing and in everything


There are two main directions of speed; tangential and radial.

 There are two main appearances of matter and particles;  lumps and clusters tangentials  .

 The earth, a stone and a grain are lumps.

 The solar system and atoms are clusters of particles with tangential speed among each other.

 The tangential speed causes matter to occupy volume.    That is also for lumps.

 The atoms in the lumps take volume because of the tangential speed of particles in the atoms.

 The tangential movement of particles inside particles also cause magnetic  attraction

 between   the particles.  The tangential speed is in balance with attraction.


 Matter has two complementarily components;    i   and   v     i   is observed as gravity

 v   is    l/t       So   i   and   m  and   l   and   t   are related.   

 In a particle the tangential speed is in balance with   i. 

 The core of particles tends to be much more dense then the rest.  

 When it contains less tangential speed the mass occupies less space, is more condensed.

 During time particles radiate, emit, particles with a high radial speed.

 The emitted particles tend to have a higher   v/m   and   v/i   than average in the emitter.

 Inside  the emitting  cluster,particle    m/v    and    i/v    increase during time,  

 its capacity to emit and occupy space decreases,

 its  contracting,immitting,attracting  capacity increases.

 Black holes are also in balance, with a very high internal    m/v   and    i/v

 Black holes have a high immitance to emittance ratio, at the time they are black holes.


Note about time-relativity


Its according to the Bishkek formel that travelers age less. The influence – i - becomes less when the – v – goes nearer to – c -  and the time seems to be slower.

It needs influence for aging. Aging takes more time with less influence, eg, regarded with the rate of aging less time seems to have passed, eg time seems to have slowed.







--5-- the foam-like appearance of the cosmos  


 The total cosmos rather a foam like than a big bang the 14 billion years we observe.

 Emitted particles, radiation, undergo influence  - i -  from the matter in the space they travel.

 This causes speed in a specific direction to average.

 High speed particles, radiation, are slowed down by slower matter in the space they travel.

 So the longer radiation is on the way the more energy it loses;   red shift.

 The red shift of light from far away cosmos is because of this.

 In general The red shift is not because its source is moving fast away.

 All cosmos does not originate from one big bang.

 The cosmos  is a huge soup with variation in distribution,   of –matter-,  - i -  and  - v -

 a variation in distribution in space as well as time.

 Because the variation in distribution there are always flows.

 In the cosmos there are spherical regions with high   i/v   in an era of contraction

 and spherical regions with high   v/i    that are in an era of expansion.

 Where spheres of expansion meet, there are zones with higher density, like in foam. In the  meeting zone matter with opposite velocity eliminates each others speed, slows down, accumulates in the meeting zone. To some extent it is the same where spheres of contraction meet, also because those zones are less vacuumed by the gravity centre. 

 The predominant   look-a-like  of the cosmos is foam.

 Between a centre of expansion and contraction there can be a gradient. In a model with more than three dimensions, the phenomena that occur can be described with a saddle shaped surface.






 --6--    v   and   i


 Potential energy is with the    i   component of matter

 Radiation energy is with the   v  component of matter

 Nihilation of   i   doest not occur, only redistribution of   i   and   v   among matter.

 Partial conversion among E=mc2  is possible but total conversion is asymptotic impossible.  

 For conversion among E=mc2  particles have to emit (smaller) particles with a higher   v/i

 There is no mechanism known that particles just split up in particles with opposite   v =  c

 With conversion among E=mc2  redistribution of   i   and   v   among matter occur.

 The emitted particles are smaller with a higher    v/i    leaving the rest with a lower    v/i

 Lower    v/i     higher    i/v    makes it less capable to emit.

 So emission  and so conversion among E=mc2  is an asymptotic process.

 It is questionable that conv. among E=mc2  is possible of more than half of the involved mass.

 There is much variation among distribution    v/i    inside a given area, an atom, a galaxy, space.

 Each area has an average    v/i    inside. 

 We can only calculate the average    v/m   of given particles inside a given area, an atom.

 However we do not know the inside of the smallest particles so can not calculate   v/m   inside.

 It is impossible to get the complete picture of    v/i    inside any given area.


E=mc2  is not in conflict with  E=mv2/2.  With E=mv2/2  only the smaller mass with the higher speed is considered. In the action and reaction mechanism the mass that launches the other mass remains with a lower speed with E=mv2/2  in opposite direction.










--7-- tangential, radial, internal and external speed and the big-bang appearance


 In a particle we can see smaller particles with tangential velocity among each other.

 If the internal tangential speeds are less the particle can be more condensed.

 The more condensed a particle is and the higher the external speed the better it can penetrate.

 If stated that radiations have the same speed it means that, in the case that the particles of the

 radiation have higher energy, it has to be that the particles have higher mass appearance   NN.

 NN is asymptotic, so near   c   a tiny increase of   v   towards   c   gives a huge increase of NN. 

 It seems that 14 billion lightyears away has a higher speed/redshift than say 8 billion away. 

 It seems logic because how else it further away than the cosmos closer to the big bang origin.

 However the radiation can also have been slowed down more on the way to our observation.

 In a sphere of expansion, at any given time after the originating big bang, the more away from the centre the higher outward speed the particles have, that is why they are more away from the centre. All originated from the centre big bang sphere. In that sphere was an average   v/i   After redistribution by the big bang the outward zones have a higher   v/i   and the centre a lower  v/i

In the centre zones  during time  v  is more slowed down by  i   than in the outer zones. The difference of speed in the inner and outer zones becomes more pronounced during time. The difference in speed will appear larger to an observer in the centre because the slowing down of radiation on the way will cause more red shift. And this slowing down and red shift to the observer depends on time and distance but also depends on the distribution of concentration and speed of the matter in the space, also that between source and observer. It also depends on the positions relative to gravity centers. The attraction by gravity centers will partially compensate the slow down by the matter that the radiation passes. So what we observe about the cosmos is the result of a very complex distortion. Its very interesting and the improvement of the calculation of the distortion will never be finished and neither for the microcosmos.

Will the velocity of the more outer zones increase during time because blowing radiation from les outer zones ? During some time, short or long. It depends on the balance between the influence from the gravity center and outside mass and radiation intensity. At the outer zones the influence from the gravity center is low due to the large distance and the high outward velocity of the outer zones. However the radiation is very diluted. The sphere surface of the outer zones is very large. If for of radiation from C to F  v > c  ,relative to A, then the radiation can blow F very well. However, then of   i   from C to F also v > c  ,relative to A. Then   i   of the slower C on F can also very well slow F down.  Its sure that the velocity increases during some time. That time may be different for every zone. Before the big bang there is no outward velocity and after the big bang there is outward velocity. So during some time the velocity increases. There is distribution of matter, velocity and increase, a distribution over time and distance. It is very complex to calculate the distribution. The redshift of radiation due to slowing down causes the calculations, from the observations, again to be more complex.

Understanding macrocosmos can help understanding microcosmos and vice versa.






--8-- is the number of basic dimensions;  3 or 2 or 1  ???


The everything consists of maximum 3 basic dimension.   That  is also in  E=mc2

 Matter is the one dimension, time and distance are the two other.

 Its discussible that time and distance are two dimensions or two components of one basic.

 Matter   m    has two complementary appearance forms   i   and   v   with   i = 1 – [v]/c    

 the more   v   the less   i     With   v = c   then would   i = 0    and if   v = 0   would   i = 1  

 if  i = 0  and  v = c   all the matter m would be what is observed as energy, according  E=mc2 

 if  v = 0  and   i = 1   all the matter   m   would be what is observed as  mass  NN  {m}    

 With  v  and  time  t   distance  l  is created  or   with  v  and  distance  l   time  t  is created,

 through this,  it is not 3 but 2 basic dimensions.

 However,  with  t  and  l   being components of  v  and  v  and  i  being appearances of  m  it

 can be stated there is only one basic dimension, being   m   

 The everything consists of only matter   m   ,in the appearances of   m

  Another claim; the two appearances  i  and  v  of matter  m  are the two basic dimensions.

 It seems that, if    i   and   v   would mitigate each other, the result would be zero.

 It can be claimed that matter   m   is only appearance, in   i   and   v   splitting from zero.

 With this it can be claimed that everything just appeared out of zero,

 with a variation of distribution over time and space.

 This description meets less objections than the big bang theory (that everything started with a big bang).  It can be that the 14 billion light-years we observe, originate from a big bang of a big black hole. However it is more probable that there is more than just this quantity of matter and time, because why would it be this quantity and not more or less. 

With claiming there is only one basic dimension     m    ,it is easier to understand the statement that everything appeared out of nothing, zero at zero space and time, one single point of time and space. Because before there was also no distance, no space, there were no other points in space and time and there is no question of choice of what point in space and time. With that, everything is only relative to itself, the amount of matter and time  and  c    and, through   m   and   t   over   c   , the amount of distance, space.  It is the same whatever large or small it is named, it is just there.   c   can be named fast or slow, it is just    c   , it is just there. 14 billion lightyears time and distance and the amount of matter in it, can be named large or small, it is just there. So there can as well be a trillion or a zillion times more, infinite more outside our observations.


 The origin can never be revealed, neither all details, neither the complete picture.

 CERN will only show more details about distribution, relations and smaller particles.

 {Two well known (related) formula}       F = G M1M2/ r2       F = mv2/r   






--9--   productive use of extensive modeling with physics and mathematics :


 A 9 dimensional situation, a matrix of complex differential equations,

 is not just only something for mathematical theory but also for reality;

 location 3 dim, specific mass dim 4, temperature dim 5, gives thermal energy

 adding dim 6 specific conductivity, specific reactivity dim 7, specific exergy dim 8, and time dimension 9,   gives delta T.

 Understanding of complex multidimensional models can help calculations for any object from micro chip to nuclear power station and from human body to earth atmosphere.

 Work of big teams can help to improve the design and operation of anything man made; micro chip, computer, infrastructure network, car, power plant. The developments are far from finished.


with regards to the kyrgyz, technical, universities


   i = 1 – [v]/c    v<c    i = interaction, influence      

      m is matter,   without  NN = m   it is possible to understand more.     

  NN = m/i     ,,    NN = mass appearance     ,,    v =  velocity of matter, particles


   the Bishkek formula of the Bishkek influence  i








short intermezzo in the german language:


So, das genügt, diese einfache Beschreibung der Relativität erklärt daß    

v Fotonen < v Neutrinos < c absolut      & Higgs ~ 126 GeV/c2  nur so erscheint  

Die Theorie mit Bosonen, GLuonen ist nur eine Komplexe Beschreibung der Messdaten.

Higgs ist nur ein Teil der "Puzzle" an sich wieder ein "Puzzle" 

Die "Bishkek" Beschreibung, erklärt auch die "Red Shift" ohne "Big Bang

Die 95% "dunkle" Masse und Energie braucht es nicht.

„Universität Stadt?? RelativitätsFormel und Beschreibung“ ?   

Ist nur Frage welche Universität / Physikabteilung eine Bewertungsbereitschaft umsetzen will.


einfach --  i = 1 – [v]/c 

Erstaunlich wie eine einfache Formell und Erklärung, die "Kyrgystan - TU Stadt ?? Beschreibung",  die Relativität und eine Erklärung für die neue CERN HLC Befunde und astronomische Befunde umfassen. Zu einfach um durch die Wissenschaftler im Betracht genommen zu werden. Es wurde nicht erwartet daß so schnell neue Befunde (mit der CERN HLC) die Bishkek Formel unterstützen wurden. Es wurde nur erwartet daß eine einfache Formel und Erklärung erwünscht wären. Schade, es könnte die Relativität für vielfach mehr Leute verständlich und geliebt machen.



neutrino’s, auf dem Wege nach erweiterte Ansichten


Einer weitere einfache Gedankenanstoß :

Die Geschwindigkeit der Neutrino’s könnte sich zwischen der Photonengeschwindigkeit und – c - befinden. Dieser Geschwindigkeitsbereich ist dargestellt in hundert Tausenden Kilometer je Sekunde im Verhältnis zur –c – gering aber in physischen Ansichten ist dieser Bereich unbegrenzt groß, gemäß der Relativitätstheorie. Bestimmt sind Teilchen existent mit Geschwindigkeiten noch näher an – c – derer Detektierung sich nicht erzielen lässt, gemäß der Relativitätstheorie (“unsichtbare” Teilchen / Masse). In der physisch unbegrenzt großen Geschwindigkeitsbereich “nah” am – c – könnte sich eine unbegrenzt große Menge befinden ; die vermutete “dunkele” Masse und noch viel mehr.

Dies sei gemäß meinen einfachen Stellungnahmen, die ich Anfang 2010 selbst veröffentlicht habe. Gemäß dieser Stellungnahme ist die Geschwindigkeit der Hochgeschwindigkeitsteilchen nur im begrenzten Zeitrahmen als unveränderlich zu betrachten. Im Kosmischen Zeitrahmen sollte die Geschwindigkeit abnehmen. Die Geschwindigkeitsabnahme sei nur mittelbar zeitmäßig vorgegeben, unmittelbar durch die Massendichte des durchquerten Raums, während Strecke und Zeit änderlich und je geringer je näher die Geschwindigkeit an – c -, gemäß der Relativitätstheorie. Somit könnte sich einer große Materiemengeanteil im Geschwindigkeitsbereich „nah“ an – c – befinden.


 another wake-up call, the Eleonorazone









--10--   the Eleonorazone, infinite „density“ & time


   i = 1 – [v]/c    v<c    i = interaction, influence      

      m is matter,   without  NN = m   it is possible to understand more.    Probably  x = 1

  NN = m/i     ,,    NN = mass appearance     ,,    v =  velocity of matter, particles

        the Bishkek formula of the Bishkek influence  i


    v à c  ;  i à 0  ;  NN à infinite


    the Newtonzone is the other zone with the large values of (c-v)


    the Eleozone is the zone with the tiny values for (c-v)


The Eleozone is tiny, compared to the Newtonzone, expressed in values of (c-v).

The Newtonzone is tiny, compared to the Eleozone, expressed in values of NN.


The Eleozone is infinite huge, compared to the Newtonzone, expressed in values of NN.


The values of influence  – i –  are tiny in the Eleozone.

An infinite amount of matter – m- can exist with infinite small – i –, without being noticed.


introduction of    MM = m * i  (m times i )


In the Newtonzone     F = (m * l /t)/t   hence   m = F * t * t /l    kg = N * s * s/m

In the Newtonzone    (c-v) ~=c,     i ~=1,  { i = 1 – [v]/c = 1}     MM=m


In the Eleozone  (c-v) à0,    i à0

In the Eleozone  with, for example,   i = 1 yotto,    m can be 1 yotta,   with the same MM.

Also, with    i = 10E(-yotta),     m can be 10E(yotta),   with the same amount of MM.

Also, with    i = 10E(10E(-yotta),    m can be 10E(10E(yotta),   with the same MM.

An infinite amount of – m – can be stashed in the Eleozone while we observe limited MM.

At present some scientists consider the proportions between known & “dark” matter to be 15 versus 85. With this MM(85), the amount  of   – m –   in the Eleozone related to this MM(85) can be infinite, in particular in the “high” range of the Eleozone next to   –c-  


A continuation on this theory is that the amount of   – m -   with tiny   – i -   is infinite large

and that the  density of   - m -    is infinite high, in the “high”range of the Eleozone.

That is possible because the   – MM –  that relates to our observations remains limited.


Infinite matter can be “stashed, compressed” into the Eleonorazone.



The Bishkek-formulation presents an opening of understanding that neutron’s might be slightly faster than photons.

Aditionally the Eleonora-theory  presents an opening of understanding that the recent “Delft-observations” might be indicating some unknown kind of reality. All kinds of still unknown relations eg interactions are to be expected, because of the infinite high   - m - density.

 Relations eg a kind of “invisible” “bond eg string” can continu to exist after a distance has been introduced between a particular pair of particular tiny objects (the “Delft-observations”).

Notice that the forces eg influence by the electrostatic, electromagnetic and gravity fields have also been considered very “invisible” and “magic” in the past, as was dna.

The Bishkek-formulation and Eleozone theory indicate that there might be infinite more alike.

Relativity and quantum physics science might be just only at its first steps.

Byond the Higgs-particle there might be infinite more to be discovered and be used.

Probably it could use a kind of huge accelerator to discover much more.

Germany could finance this huge accelerator in Thueringen or Sachsen. There it can be realized much more cost-efficient than at the present location of Cern. Real cost-efficient internationalization would be the realization in Russia, for example in the Ufa or Tver-region. Germany could finance by importing additional natural gas.

Most honest would be the realization near Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan, reasonably neutral and the center of the world-population.







start-note about time-relativity


Its according to the Bishkek formel that travelers age less. The influence – i - becomes less when the – v – goes nearer to – c -  and the time seems to be slower.

It needs influence for aging. Aging takes more time with less influence, eg, regarded with the rate of aging less time seems to have passed, eg time seems to have slowed.



introduction of    TT = t * i  (t times i )


In the Newtonzone     F = (m * l /t)/t   hence   m = F * t * t /l    kg = N * s * s/m

In the Newtonzone    (c-v) ~=c,     i ~=1,  { i = 1 – [v]/c = 1}     TT=t


In the Eleozone  (c-v) à0,    i à0

In the Eleozone  with, for example,   i = 1 yotto,    t can be 1 yotta,   with the same TT.

Also, with    i = 10E(-yotta),     t can be 10E(yotta),   with the same amount of TT.

Also, with    i = 10E(10E(-yotta),    t can be 10E(10E(yotta),   with the same TT.

An infinite amount of – t – can be stashed in the Eleozone while we observe limited TT.

A continuation on this theory is that the amount of   – t -   with tiny   – i -   is infinite large

and that the  density of   - t -    is infinite high, in the “high”range of the Eleozone.

That is possible because the   – TT –  that relates to our observations remains limited.


Something can go deep into the Eleonorazone near – c - , be there for ten billion years – t - of our time in the Newtonzone and come back to us only one second TT older out of the Eleozone. 


The time-relativity states that time seems slower in the Eleonorazone near the absolute speed –c-  .The available time increases with the depth into the Eleozone near the absolute speed –c- .There seems infinite time available for all processes and everything at the infinite depth infinite near to –c- in the Eleonorazone. The time-frame at the end of the Eleonorazone is infinite large.


Infinite time can be “stashed” into the Eleonorazone.






Distance is a product of speed and time;   l = v*t   ,   l = c*t

The length, area and volume frames seem infinite large when the timeframe seems infinite large. This cohers with and supports the possibility of infinite “density” in the Eleozone.


Infinite volume can be “stashed” into the Eleonorazone.


infinite matter eg “density”, time, volume, in the Eleozone


infinite of all in the Eleozone


The probability theory states that there is everything (possible), every occurrence in the Eleozone because there is infinite of all.

The Eleozone is everywhere around us and in us.






--11--   more about the Eleozone.


An implication of the Eleonora-theory and the Bishkek-formulation.

The Bishkek influence  – i –   is very small when  – v –   is very near to   – c- .

It has been discussed that matter  – m –  with high radial speed   – v -   travels through space with matter with lower speeds and looses speed by the drag of the matter with lower speeds.

The Bishkek-formulation    i = 1 – [v]/c  presents that the drag is less when the speed is near   – c -   ,because the influence   – i -   is less.

Hence, the loss of speed of matter   – m –   is very slow when its speed is very near   – c - .

The probability of existence of matter with speeds nearer to   – c -   is higher than the probability of matter with speeds that are less near to   – c -.

This implicates that there could be an infinite amount of matter   –m-   with its speed infinite close to    – c -   and hence infinite small   – i -    and limited    MM.

Not only would the geometric dimensions of the universe be infinite,

also its density of       – m –    would be infinite, together with the range of NN.






some properties of this matter   – m -   in infinite density


The influence    – i -    of this matter   – m -   is infinite small, the loss of its speed is infinite slow and the tendency of its conglomeration is infinite slow. The probability is higher that the matter   – m -   in the Eleozone is an uniform”soup”, on the scale of the Gigalightyears that is known at present.

Anything in our Newtonzone has little influence on anything in the Eleozone because   – i -   is very small in the Eleozone and the amount of   – m -   in the Newtonzone is very small compared to the amount of   – m -   in the Eleozone.

This supports the recent “Delft-observations” as mentioned above.


about neutrino’s


Probably “discrete” assumptions about neutrino’s should be abandoned.

The Bishkek-formula and Eleonora-theory implicate that two particles which we both name neutrino’s, can be very different, the one having a pico (c-v) and – i -   of the other and a pica – m -, but with about the same  NN  and  MM  that is being observed by us.

The range of  (c-v)  of the Eleozone is small but the range of NN is infinite large.

The understanding that neutrino’s are not with a discrete value, rises questions about the discrete value of   – c -.   It would be the sole with a discrete value in physics, in particular at the end of the Eleozone.








--12--    i = ((c – [v])/c)x      à   i = 1 – [v]/c     


i = ((c – [v])/c)x      ,NN=m/i     ,MM = m * i

MM = NN * i * i =  ((c – [v])/c)2x *NN =

=  (c2  - 2[v] + [v]2/c2)x *NN 

with v àc     MM ~= c2x * NN

yes, with x=1    MM = c2 NN

aligning to     E = mc2       

concludes that x=1   and   i = 1 – [v]/c


The implication is that     E=mc2  as well as

the Bishkek-formula and the Eleonora-theory, all three support each other.


The Bishkek-formula and Eleonora-theory above should be studied once again to reconsider that really x=1 or not.







--13-- the black holes recycle from the Newtonzone to the Eleonorazone


The attentive reader will comment that the Eleozone will degrade itself: The particles with speed in all (opposing) directions will slow each other. The matter will drag itself into the Newtonzone. Though this will be a very slow process because the influence  - i -  is very tiny in the Eleozone where the particles move with speeds – v -  very near to  - c -.

Recall;   i = 1 – [v]/c    with  v à c    c-v à 0   i à 0

However:  -- The claimed high probability of a high density of  –m- in the Eleozone would result into a considerable drag. –- On the cosmic timescale of billions of years, the drag would result into a shift of everything into the Newtonzone. At the very end everything would have a speed zero and an absolute collaps would result.

Here the black holes come in very handy to support the idea that the existence of everything together (“the cosmic system”) is infinite.

Black holes are area’s of concentration and contraction. As claimed above, it needs a reduction of the average  -v-  inside, to enable the contraction. Black holes do exactly that and emit radiation with high energy along their axis in the radial direction. Specificly is being emitted with a radial component. The matter that remains in the black hole has a lower  -v-  average  speed.  The black holes (have to) redistribute and emit with high energy, to continue their existence of absorbing more matter in a small area eg concentrating and contracting matter.

Matter with a lower average speed  -v-   and higher influence  -i-   remains in the black hole and strengthens it  and matter with  -v-   close to   –c-   and an   –i-   close to zero,

 is being sent back along the axis, way into the Eleonorazone.


Already during decades there is acceptance of the concept of emitting energetic radiation along with contracting orbits eg changes of internal (tangential) speed. The models about the emittance of light mention the emittance of light-quants along with a model of orbiting electrons changing to “lower” eg smaller orbits around the atomic nucleus. The electrons are being mentioned to alter to a lower level of energy and the reduction of their energy is mentioned to be corresponding with the energy of the emitted light.


Not only does the black hole accumulate matter    -m-

but also the influence    -i-    of each amount of matter  is being increased.

This increases the capability of emitting with   –v-   nearer to   –c-   and hence with smaller influence   –i-    and less possible to be observed.     The higher grade of   –i-   in a heavier and compacter black hole captures the matter longer, until it gains a smaller   –i-    with a    –v-    nearer to    –c-   .There is more “upgrading” to “higher” levels towards the “high- range” of the Eleozone, before emittance.  A mature black hole presumably predominantly emits in the range of the Eleozone that is nearer to   –c-   . This radiation, eg the “high” range of the Eleozone can not be observed by us because it has a very minimal influence   –i-  .


A black hole first drains the Newtonzone in a larger and larger geometric sphere around it.

During the proces it increases its amount of matter   –m-   and   -i-

This increases its capability to drain from the Eleozone in the spheric area around.

The maturing of the black hole raises its capability to drain from the “higher” ranges of the Eleozone where the influence –i- is smaller.

The maturing also improves the “upgrading” by the black hole, as mentioned above.

The “upgrading” shifts towards the “higher” ranges of the Eleozone during maturing.

The black hole itself rises in the Eleozone during maturing and “disappears” beyond are observation-capabilities.


Another property of black holes is their higher probability to be born and to grow faster where there is more “slow” matter around in the Newtonzone. Here we notice another balancing.


It can also be noticed that black holes are transformers into radial radiation along their axis. This is another balancing. The speed –v-  that is essential for the matter –m- to occupy eg create volume is given back to the surroundings.


The Bishkek formula and Eleonora theory conclude that black holes are not big guzzlers where everything disappears for infinite but are essential recyclers, reprocessors, upgraders.


It can be concluded that black holes are essential contributors to the infinite existence of not only the Eleozone but also the balances between the ranges and the infinite existence of the Newtonzone also. Without black holes, all the matter would drag each other to a zero speed and an absolute collaps into nothing.  




The recycling self-reproducing universe has a infinite higher probability of existence than a once-through system. That is also the reason for the existence of life and all kinds of arranged systems and appearances that seem to be of discrete value, such as protons, neutrons, electrons and other quantum-particles.









--14--  the “Bishkek-formula and Eleonorazone” confirm God



There is infinite of all (conceiled) in the Eleozone, infinite “density” eg matter, time and volume.

The probability theory states that there is everything (possible), every occurrence in the Eleozone because there is infinite of all.

The Eleozone is everywhere around us and in us.

God is everywhere around us and in us, byond our observation.


The influence – i – in the Eleozone ranges down to infinite small.

However there is influence from the Eleozone on us in the Newtonzone because there is infinite of all in the Eleozone, byond our observation.

God is byond our observations and influences us.


The time-relativity is also interesting.

Jesus left into the Eleonorazone and can return only a fraction of a second older.

Six billion years for us can be as little as only six days for God in the Eleozone, the part of God somewhere in the Eleozone that created the sun, earth and us.

Gost appearances and miracles out of the Eleozone are possible.

Our spirits can come out of and return to the Eleozone (heaven).













--15--   around the autor of the Bishkek-formulation and Eleonora-theory


This conclusion by the autor of the Bishkek-formulation is not a conclusion by a person who has a life with the heavy brainwork in the world of the difficult science of fundamental (astro)physics. The autor also spent time on concepts for cheap transport and storage of natural gas and electricity and alternative designs for (russian) railcars and railtracks, a central airport for 80% of the world-population (near Bishkek), Jesus great proclamation; that the bunch of the talmudic wallstreets financial elite families GoldMorgs must be sided out to resque the people, ways to replace the GoldMorgs plutocracy with democracy


More: According to the international standards of international law, Donetzk and Luhansk are independent republics since 11th may 2014, (as well was Krim during the short time up to the chosen joining of the Russian federation) and are suffering the very criminal aggression, occupation, destruction and looting. The Kiev power has been installed and is being supported by the talmudic Usurp Satanic Area USA under the rule of the powerfull in New York, in particular also the Netherlands which is a GoldMorgs colony and is the worst facilitator of GoldMorgs-evil. The EU changed into the Extra Usurps EU. Proof is the fact that the EU does not protest much about the Cockroach Idiots Agency CIA, the Nazi Satanic Agency NSA and the Nazi Devils Agression Act NDAA, which includes “redention teams”. The law and behavior of the talmudic GoldMorgs Usurp Satanic Area USA is more and more a copy of the Talmud, that allows its followers to exploit and slaughter all the others like cattle. The GoldMorgs instigated the double mutilation of Europe with the both world wars, (WWI was also the cause of the pandemic “Spanish” flu) and more recently the mutilation of Irak, Afghanistan, North-Afrika, Syria and Ukraine. With the NDAA the GoldMorgs allow their USA to send criminal gangs “redention teams” to abduct, torture, mutilate and kill people in every nation in the world. With their Talmudic rule the GoldMorgs altered the USA into an aggressive animal and the EU also. How about the USA creation of a doomsday variety of the first flue H1N1 and before of the “bird”-flue H5N1 in Rotterdam on USA request, in particular harmfull for Asian people. A pandemic will probably incapacite the most of the people, causing agonizing years of misery of inproductivity, food-shortage, mass-starvation, other pests, civil war, chaos, anarchy, dragging on for years and exterminating most of the people and exterminating the mental health of the surviving people.

Russia is being named the bear.  A bear is in common a vegetarian and defends.

The USA, is to be named the hyena’s.

The hyena’s are those ugly who hunt in pack and eat their vicitims alive.



More: The german people / germany have the right to receive their share of five trillion in the twenty trillion extra “printed” Euro for the so called euroresque. The distributed Euro should not be loaned any more but be issued proportionally to all member states of the Euro union.

The Euro union should have its own full parliament (in Strassburg) with as many members for each participating state as they have in the EU-parliament.

 Germany can spend five trillion Euro usefully; -- purchases of two trillion extra cubic meters of natural gas during a decade, for storage, -- purchases for large stocks of other mineral resources and wheat, -- more co-development with Russia, -- the establishment of banking, newspapers, tv-channels, internet and internet services which are not ruled by the GoldMorgs. By ruling these, the GoldMorgs rule the USA and the EU, -- the allocation of many more billions on scientific research, including an accelerator that is hundred times larger than CERN, to explore the Eleozone. The expences could be limited by locating the facilities in the  Ufa-region in Russia, an ancestors region of the autor of the Bishkek formulation and Eleonora theory. If the sysmic microtremors are not too much problem, in Kyrgyzstan would be the best, also a central location for 80% of the world population and a nice location for many potential participants to the project.


The autor whitnessed about the ESM to the german federal constitutional court in 2012. The Bundesverfassungsgericht BVerfG pointed (12th of 9th of 2012) the constitutional prohibition of the unlimited liability (ten trillion euro and byond) of Germany by the ESM. A covered assassination attempt on the autor has failed in 2012 and in oktober 2015 again, after the autor has asked at the International Court on Crime ICC for the prosecution of the murdergangbillionaire Kolomoisky. It was nothing new for the autor. In 1996 and 1994 there were also covered attempts after the autor performed an extended lobby for the rapid adoption of the Kaukasian republics by the EC (pre-EU). The autor would prefer to migrate eastwards, for safety. 


The autor of the Bishkek-formulation is a multiple master of engineering in practical applications of engineering and, with his level of understanding of macro–politics, -psychology, -sociology, -communication, -economy and –finance, concentrates most of his attention on day to day life with free advices of thousands of billions value for the solution of day to day problems such as the euro- and bankingcrisis. The only correct approach to the so called eurocrisis will generate ten trillion euro for Germany. The spending of just a fraction of those trillions on the improvement of international relations and fundamental research will generate huge advantages for Germany. Regrettably however, an unknown politician, who has never been allowed to achieve anything with his valuable advices, neither any (honors) PhD-degree, has deliberately been censored during three decades and probably will be censored fore-ever, together with whatever presented and without any consideration to the value of the presentations, though a positive development would benefit Germany.


Neither did the American, british and dutch meganational oil companies perform a positive approach. All the so called modern drilling systems of oil and gas, including mono-diameter, under-balanced and coiled tubing, were included in a concept that the autor presented in 1983. The autor omitted the concept of fracking because he knew that the environmental damage will be huge when strickt control is being omitted, as it is being omitted at present.


Please notice that NN = m/i   with  i = ((c – [v])/c)x   is somehow being mentioned in the manuscripts of the Einstein and/or Lorentz.  No one should in any way pretend to be the autor of any part of  this publication and/or its contents.  This publication exists since  22 feb 2010.   

Einstein became populair with his field equations around the relativity theory which mystified it for almost all people. However, with the field equations he encouraged many to try to understand advanced mathematics but also encouraged many to write things down with advanced mathematics, without basic understanding. Above all, Hendrik Antoon Lorentz published about the relativity theory one year earlier, and before Henri Poincare already published about the relativity theory.


The author of the Bishkek-formulation and Eleonora theory origins from Winschoten, originaly pre-Germany, now the NE-corner of the tiny Netherlands. The area around Winschoten, Skyland, belonged to pre-Germany. This moor-region was hardly accessible in the past and has been incorporated into the pre-Netherlands because it was not valid much attention of the pre-german rulers. –Van der Veen- translates as –originating from the moor- eg -moorman-. The fathers homeland Skyland, has been looted by the gang in the Hague. It was an important contribution to the secret estimated half a trillion Euro of dutch royal wealth at present. Every inhabitant of Skyland had twenty million value of natural gas under his house. At present only four million is left and is also being looted in a maximum hurry, instead of wise import of russian natural gas. Skyland should be accepted as a Kanton by Swiss.

Then Skyland would be reliable to become the storage of three trillion cubic meters of imported natural gas for Germany and its neighbors. That would be sufficient for years and natural gas can rapidly become a sustainable substitute for coal and oil.







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